The Family Business

schloss02The Family runs a portfolio of businesses, rebalancing this depending on the long-term economic trends and dependant on the income and holistic investment requirements. These requirements are often set over multi-generational timelines to ensure the right investment balance and a robust and structured plan for the future.

Currently the activities include forestry, agriculture, real-estate management and development. A series of service businesses are also run including the supply of technical and trading services.





The estate has expanded its business two include the processing of wood and energy. These businesses add to the breadth of the business, and give a sound basis for future.

The historic monuments involve significant investment and management time to ensure the maintenance and development in correct keeping both historical norms and modern practicality.

WildThe estate also holds the responsibility for all the game on its land. This includes red-, fallow- and roe deer as well as wild boar and many other animals and birds.

In the 1970s, a herd of fallow deer were brought in from Petworth in England, and these are kept in a park behind the castle. They contribute to the quality of life in the community who have access to the park from three sides.

The estate also maintains a series of chapels and shrines across the estate, these can be found on the working routes.

More about the businesses of the estate can be read here.



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