Family History

DSC3039The Reuttner family has been traced back beyond 1346, when Rudolf Dictus Rutiner had an estate at Hardegge near St Gallen. The family moved to Basil in the fifteenth century, were Michael von Rutiner became an Imperial advisor. In 1474, Ulrich Bernard married Margarethe Frowler, a widow and last of the Frowler family line. The family took over the Frowler estate and adopted the half moon crest of the defunct family.

Michael's grandson, Hans Jacob first adopted the name extension 'Weyl' after the present town of Weil-am-Rhein. And his son, Johann studied in Dillingen and then become the advisor to the Bishop of Basel. He bought an estate and the castle of Wyl.

altshauseninnen56In the seventeenth century, the family was mainly resident in the area of Obertraubach in the Alsace: they bought large estates in Leyhausen and Dürmenach. Joseph, who was born in Leyhausen, and became an advisor to the Duke-Bishop of Alsace. His brother bought Achstetten 1795. The French status of Baron for the whole family was confirmed in 1773. The family moved to Germany and settled in Württemberg where in 1819 the family was promoted to the status of Count.



item8Beat Konrad Philip Frierdich was born 1719 in Damerskirch. When he bought Achstetten he had it rebuilt by Franz Anton Bagnato. The Bagnato family were a multi-generational family of mainly ecclesiastical architects during that century.

Before his death Beat Konrad arranged an entailment which primarily included the lordship of the castle Achstetten and the revenues from the sales of the estates Leyhausen and Dürmenach. Julius Caesar Reuttner von Weyl, his nephew, was made Lord of the estate and 1794 in married Mauritia Baroness von Freyberg-Eisenberg.

Julius's eldest son, Kaspar Karl Viktor Caesar married to Baroness Julie von Herman, in 1833. Kaspar sponsored Herr von Drais, who invented the precursor to the bicycle, the Draisine. Camill, Kaspar's eldest son loaned the family's example to the Deutsche Museum in Munich, where it is on exhibition as one of the oldest and most important examples of its time.



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